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Trigger Spray

Trigger Spray



Velo 21 Bottle Triggers

To help cut down on plastic waste Velo 21 offers all of our products with or without plastic triggers. If you need spares you can buy them with your favourite Velo 21 products or here! Costing £1.50 each

Velo 21 Bottle Triggers are suitable for use with:

  • KOM Full Kit
  • Matt Protection Kit
  • Rapid Wash Kit – Plus
  • Rapid Wash Kit
  • Invisible Wax
  • Matt Frame Cleaner
  • Dirty Weekend Pre-Wash

Bike Cleaning Products and Cycle Care Accessories by Velo 21

At Velo 21 we have created a brand new range of bike cleaning products and cycle care accessories.

All our bike cleaning products are formulated and manufactured in the UK and have been specially designed so they can be used on any type of bike including aluminium, steel and carbon fibre frames. Whether you need our invisible bike frame wax for that fantastic shine and protection or a drivetrain degreaser to cut through grease and oil, we will have your bike looking like it did the day you picked it up.

Looking after your bike with regular cleaning is the most cost effective way of increasing the longevity of expensive components, and it’s quick and easy when you have the right products for the job! Here at Velo 21 we are passionate enthusiastic cyclists ourselves, and we like to think that our products and accessories are made by cyclists for cyclists. So we know the ins and outs of what accessories you need to make your bike perform at its best.

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